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Highzen Faqs

Highzen Distributor

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Distributor's Faqs

What are the conditions for becoming a Highzen distributor?

As long as you want to distribute our independently designed cup and pot products, you can become our product/brand distributor

What are the benefits of distributing Highzen?

1. You can get our rebate commission, up to 15%
2. We can provide you with competitive source factory prices
3. We can guide your store/counter layout

How long will it take for Highzen to respond to my distribution application?

We will contact you within 24-48 hours

After becoming a distributor, what series of products can be distributed?

All series of products can be distributed, and we welcome you to fill in the form in the navigation below. After that, we will have someone contact you and send you our product manual. Welcome to purchase

After becoming a distributor, will there be any brand peripherals provided?

Of course, relevant brand peripherals will be provided

How can I check product prices?

Contact us directly, we will give you an order, and you can check the price directly on the website

General Faqs



Can it be customized?

Of course, the color, logo, and material of our products can be customized. If you have more customization requirements, please contact us.

Repair & maintenance Faqs

Will you provide support if you encounter problems after sales?

Of course, you can contact us for more information

What kind of support can you provide in social media?

We will provide certain support in social media and other related channels, such as publicity and direct recommendations from individual users.
And you can apply for a regional social media operation account.

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