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Antibacterial Drinking Water Bottle

Drink directly from the cup

  • Cupholder compatible
  • Splash resistant
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Food Grade Stainless Steel(Inner 304#,Outer 304#)
  • Keep Warm:6-12hours
  • Keep Cold:12-24hours

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Material Thickness

Antibacterial Drinking Water Bottle

Fashionable life® Antibacterial Drinking Water Bottle

·Antibacterial cup lid: The cup lid is a combination of transparent frosting and electroplating, with strong material contrast. The lid is made of food-grade PP and silicone. High-tech antibacterial materials are added to the PP to keep the lid sterile at all times. The laboratory’s 21-day antibacterial and anti-mold effect test reached level 0, and the material is resistant to mold erosion.
·Tritan material: Tritan is a plastic material with high performance, high transparency, heat resistance, impact resistance, and chemical corrosion resistance, so it has good non-toxic, high temperature resistance, and cold resistance properties.

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