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Natural journey®

Antibiosis Cat Claw Coffee Cup

Drink directly from the cup

  • Cupholder compatible
  • Splash resistant
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Food Grade Stainless Steel(Inner 304#,Outer 304#)
  • Keep Warm:6-12hours
  • Keep Cold:12-24hours

All color


350ml / 480ml



Material Thickness

0.4mm for inner liner and 0.5mm for outer shell

Antibiosis Cat Claw Coffee Cup

Natural journey® Antibiosis Cat Claw Coffee Cup

In the design of this product, the cup lid uses a multi-layered material collision. The transparent matte and electroplated materials are in strong contrast. Different materials are used in different areas, which increases the layering and texture of the product. The shape of the bottom of the cup body is also given a new design definition, giving the product a unique visual memory point.

The four identical rounded corners make the product look stable and modern, while the flat bottom creates stability and compactness for its functionality. This product optimizes the user experience. High-tech antibacterial materials are added to the lid, and the dual-use of direct drinking and straw make the product more cost-effective.

·Quality liner: The inner liner is made of stretch liner, and the outer wall of the liner is copper-plated for better thermal insulation performance.
·Surface treatment: Using food-grade safe and non-toxic paint, three layers of surface spraying, high wear resistance.
·Antibacterial cup lid: The cup lid is a combination of transparent frosting and electroplating, with strong material contrast. The lid is made of food-grade PP and silicone. High-tech antibacterial materials are added to the PP to keep the lid sterile at all times. The laboratory’s 21-day antibacterial and anti-mold effect test reached level 0, and the material is resistant to mold erosion.
·Styling innovation: The cup body has a novel shape, making it more rounded and friendly.

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