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Urban romance®

Vacuum Stainless Steel Sports Bottle

Drink directly from the mouth

  • Inner Austenitic Stainless Steel No.(06Cr19Ni10)
  • Outer Austenitic Stainless Steel No.(06Cr19Ni10)
  • Lid Material: Food Grade PP and Silicon Sealing Element
  • Food Grade Stainless Steel(inner 304#,Outer 304#)
  • Keep Warm:6-12hours
  • Keep Cold:12-24hours
  • SGS Authorized Certification

All color


350ml / 500ml / 600ml / 750ml / 1000ml


72.5*169mm / 72.5*214mm / 72.5*241mm / 78*253mm / 84.5*308mm

Item NO


Vacuum Stainless Steel Sports Bottle

Urban romance® Vacuum Stainless Steel Sports Bottle

The design of this product is inspired by “urban romance”. The color is mainly blue, which originates from the blue of the sky and ocean and has strong inclusiveness. The combination of bright white and plant green conveys a fresh and natural urban atmosphere.

The tranquility is filled with vitality and perfectly interprets the rhythm of urban sports!

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·Quality inner: The inner bladder is electrolysed, with good corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, so that drinking water is safer and healthier.
·Surface Treatment: Food grade safe non-toxic paint/plastic powder, high wear resistance.
·Easy to clean: Wide diameter design, smooth inner wall, removable lid, 360 degree cleaning without dead angle.
·Sealing and leak proof: The cup cover is embedded with a silicone sealing ring, sealing and leak proof, making it portable for travel.
·Fall resistant and deformation resistant: stainless steel material, sturdy and durable.
·Choose from a variety of colors and capacities to meet the different needs of different scenes.
·Product Patent No.:ZL

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