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Time is not old®

Chávena de chá magnética elástica inteligente

Drink directly from the cup

  • Cupholder compatible
  • Splash resistant
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Food Grade Stainless Steel(Inner 304#,Outer 304#)
  • Keep Warm:6-12hours
  • Keep Cold:12-24hours

All color





Material Thickness

0.4mm for inner liner and 0.5mm for outer shell

Chávena de chá magnética elástica inteligente

Time is not old® Intelligent Elastic Magnetic Tea Cup

The design presentation of this product mainly embodies the dynamic atmosphere from the visual color collision, allowing colorful colors to rush into our life vision, and the softer mottled feeling brings more brightness and vitality to users, conveying Relaxed and comfortable attitude towards life. The enlarged highzen brand logo also enhances the brand’s communication and high recognition.

This product not only ensures the ornamental value of the new appearance, but also is innovative in the practicality of the product’s functions. It adopts the principle of magnetic suction to achieve one-click separation of the tea warehouse; intelligent temperature measurement, real-time water temperature is displayed at a touch, optimizing the interactive experience.

·Quality inner tank: The inner tank is electrolytically treated and has good corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, making drinking water safer and healthier
·Surface treatment: Use food-grade safe and non-toxic paint, three-layer spray coating on the surface, high resistance to wear and tear.
·Easy to clean: The cup body is designed with a wide diameter, the inner wall is smooth, and there are no dead corners for 360-degree cleaning.
·Resistant to falling and deformation: made of stainless steel, sturdy and durable.

Highzen Story

·Tea and water separation design: Using the principle of magnetic suction, the tea warehouse can be separated with one click, and the cup can be automatically absorbed and returned to its original position when the cup is turned upside down.
·Temperature display design: intelligent temperature measurement, real-time water temperature is displayed at a touch.
·Sealed and leak-proof: The cup lid is embedded with a silicone sealing ring, which is sealed and leak-proof, making it portable for travel.
·Easy to carry in the car: The diameter of the cup bottom is convenient to carry in the car, making travel more convenient.
·SGS authoritative certification

Highzen Story


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